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Plant nursery in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Project history

We were given the technical task of upgrading the client's site management system. The client had several landings that needed to be managed from a single understandable interface.

In the first iteration we moved the project to Vue JS. It became faster and more simple, but the loading speed kept dangling from 7 to 10 seconds. The reason was in the large number of products. In fact, each landing page was a one-page product catalogue. And there were more than 300 items in the catalogue.

A year later, it was decided to speed up the site. To get it we redesigned the project and did server-side rendering of pages. The client also sent a new design to change the previous one. You may see a new one on the site.

Vue JS

We used Vue JS in the project, which allowed us to organize the product catalog. Then the shopping cart and order function was implemented.

Delayed loading and server-side rendering

When the task was to speed up loading of content, we investigated all possible ways to speed up the site and eventually chose server rendering of pages and delayed loading of invisible content.

Yandex Cloud

We needed to have possibility to scale easily. The reason was the great increase of the load on the sites during the start of sales promotions. Yandex Cloud turned out to be the best solution on the Russian market.

Sending and collecting of data

In this project, we had to implement all sorts of things with sending data to CRM and statistics systems. In the last iteration, we brought all external scripts and targets into Google TAG Manager, which added order to the project.

Technologies used

Vue.js and Server side rendering have been used in the project so far. The entire project was launched on Yandex.Cloud.

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