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Black Star Wear
Official online clothing store of "Black Star Wear"
Project history

The client applied with the task to reprocess the hardware of the project. Previously they used Bitrix.CMS which didn't cope with the load during active site traffic.

The design was developed by the client. We reprocessed the backend of the site and made the frontend. Also we made the possibility to support multiple localizations and work in several currencies. Moreover we integrated delivery and payment systems and developed unique modules for the project.

The project successfully passed the release stage, after which it was given to the client's staff to maintain further technical support.


The site was developed on Opencart.CMS. The database was optimized to increase the speed of the site.


The site was designed with the ability to connect new localizations. At the time of its launch, the project was presented in 3 languages: English, Russian and Kazakh.

Exchange with 1C

We made the exchange of nomenclature, balances and prices. Also, we made orders synchronisation from the website to 1C.

Color and size

We made a set of color and size parameters for all goods, which are already linked to the left ones and prices. This is a feature of clothing stores, which is very necessary for proper accounting and work with goods.

Technologies used

The main base of the project is developed on Opencart.CMS.

We carried out a certain work concerning the optimisation of database operation.

Besides we carried out the integration with the delivery service.

And we made the integration with the payment system as well.

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