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2 Alexander Kazbegi Ave,
T'bilisi, Georgia
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Ksenia Buzina
Official website of a singer Ksenia Buzina
Project history

The project was started on a voluntary basis, but in the process it became obvious that a complete redesign of the site was needed. The client made a new design, we changed the CMS of the project on Diafan.CMS and made the configuration of modules in accordance with client's requirements.


Diafan was chosen because of the simple adaptation for commercial projects and good opportunities for basic SEO optimization.


The project was developed for 3 localizations: Russian, Chinese and English.

We integrated YouTube videos.

We made a simple way to post videos from YouTube with the function to auto-play and expand to full screen.

We integrated pages from iTunes

Also we made widgets embedding with iTunes tracks.

Technologies used

Diafan.CMS was used as a platform for the project. And we designed a mobile version of the site with the use of Flex box.

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