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Staircount.ru - calculator of stairs
This project will help you calculate the overall dimensions of the stairs, as well as get drawings.
Project history

The client asked to develop a calculator that can be used to get accurate drawings for the erection of stairs, as well as a list of all the necessary materials for calculation.

The project took a long time to develop and the technology stack changed in the process.

As a result, the following things were developed:

  • User part,
  • Admin part,
  • Calculation mechanism,
  • The way of embedding in other projects.

We used Vue.JS in conjunction with Vuetify to organize the user interface.


We used Three.JS to build 3D models of stairs on the fly, depending on the calculation parameters.

SVG projections

We developed a function that built on the basis of 3D models 2D projections, which after were processed into drawings for the construction of the stairs.

Calculation and order

We made an interface for calculating the necessary material and its ordering.

Technologies used

In this project were used many third-party technologies, and many of our own were developed as well.

Vue.JS and Three.JS libraries were used to display the interface and 3D models respectively.

We wrote our own module to create projections from 3D objects and turn them into drawings.

Also we coded an algorithm for building stairs and then created 3D models to visualize the built stairs.

Laravel Framework was used to organize server interactions, as well as to organize the order operation and personal account.

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