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Artful Role-Play Equipment
Gear for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP), and the game of Airsoft, blending history, fantasy, and tactics.
Project history

The client approached us with an outdated website on an obsolete platform, seeking a comprehensive update. Upline Studio facilitated the development of a new design and seamlessly migrated the entire project to OpenCart. Additionally, we provided assistance in refining and optimizing the website's content.

This approach resulted in a modernized and responsive website, offering an enhanced user experience and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for seamless online operations.

OpenCart CMS

Utilized the most popular e-commerce content management system, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly online store.


Implemented GitLab, a code versioning technology, fostering collaborative code development and streamlined project management.

Technologies used

OpenCart CMS, GitLab, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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