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Global Puzzle Adventure
Handmade puzzles, crafted with love, now enjoyed in 30+ countries.
Project history

The client sought to migrate the project from Shopify, aiming to reduce commission costs and enhance project management processes. We opted for OpenCart, seamlessly transferring all elements and implementing the client's design.

After launch, we integrated diverse payment systems including PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon.

Our enhancements extended to integrating delivery services such as DPD, WAPI, ShipMonk, and 3PL.

Moreover, the project underwent successful replication in over 18 countries, featuring extensive language translations for global accessibility.


is a system for sending emails

OpenCart CMS

is the most popular CMS for developing e-commerce solutions, that is, for online stores.

Integration with email delivery systems

such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and eSputnik.


is a repository for a versioning system.

Technologies used

OpenCart CMS, GitLab, Distributed databases, MailGun,Integration with Bitrix24, Integration with email delivery systems, integration with advertising systems, made google conversation api and facebook conversation api, passing statistics data through internal backend protocols.

Set up e-commerce for Google.

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