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Millsfield Capital Hedge Fund
A variety of investment strategies toward a prosperous future
Project history

A client approached us with the goal of creating a website. Upon reviewing the project specifications, we opted to develop the website using Diafan CMS. The site was initially designed in two language versions. We handled the layout, implemented it on the CMS, and provided ongoing support for the project.

This collaborative effort resulted in the successful development and maintenance of a website that meets the client's requirements.

Diafan CMS

One of the best commercial content management systems for corporate website development.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

Implemented an automated and seamless rollout of projects to the site.


Utilized as a repository for a versioning system, ensuring effective project management.

Advanced Frontend Technologies

Incorporated advanced web technologies for the frontend, including SCSS for styling and SVG animations.

Technologies used

SCSS, SVG - Animations, GitLab, Ci/Cd.

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